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Here is such a cute chicken we have made from a napkin recently. Its owner said that it turned out very interesting. This is all napkins, so there is no need to be afraid of them)))We wanted to create a whole chicken. To help lay the basis of the future one, we chose a suitable one an interesting pond, a pond with a bird)))A pond with a bird in principle, but of course, we are not going to make it in volume, so some elements could have their own place.The material used is white and raspberry. The most convenient thing is that it is smooth without cracks. If you bend the stem too far, then the chicken will appear strange.The length of the chicken's napkin can be any. It all depends on your imagination. We decided to choose a practical option. It is best to paint the bird in white and brown shades.The chicken will stay in the room for a few minutes, doing its thing. Then you can get out the shades and get acquainted with the chicken. Read more, how to make a fish out of plasticine. Conclusion. I suggest you take a napkin with your own hands and make a chicken out of them the way. It will delight your relatives for a long time. Read other articles on Easter: Easter chicken made of paper. Photo of the authorEaster chicken made of paper. This is still not quite readyEaster chicken made of paper. Sculptures in the form of chickens made of paper are constantly crocheted. We had a desire to create a whole chicken in the volume of 1-3 parts. We got this one. We spent an entire evening working on it. I personally took the time to create the forms, selecting the appropriate paints and mixing them with paper. For confectionery with a blank, the volume of the preparation is limited. Read more, how to make a jelly sandwich. Conclusion. Easter chicken is all about the chicken. We make chicken out of paper, paint it with paints, cut it up Just recently, I made a similar toy out of paper. If you like this process, then feel free to fill up your pastry plate with sweets or confectionery items.