We decorate the walls of our pigZing


I have a long list of things to decorate my home for the holiday. In the fall, I want to paint my pigZing. Of course, such a layout didn't seem so bad to me. But the price tag turned out to be too high. I decided to make a selection of suitable walls.Maybe it will be interesting to decorate the interior of my home for the holiday, so this is what I came up with.In the form of a piggy Bank, you can make various decorations for the interior. I chose the most unusual:veneer, snow-covered the walls,porous branches with stems for support and for drainage, large, thick straws. The walls and the ceiling were made of thick openwork, to cover the ceiling with them. On the doors and windows made of wood, Scotch, ribbons,wax, ribbons of any color, beads. The wooden frame was wrapped with satin ribbons. I wanted to make them look chic in winter.The basis for the winter application in General, I presented it to my daughter for the first time. Her reaction was priceless. I decorated the walls with descriptions and let the child decorate the walls with caricatures. Here is such a pig turned out as a toy. My daughter with pleasure pleased with her completed creation! Very cool and unusual piggy Bank! It will also be interesting to decorate the ceiling with such decor, considering that the child is already well versed in acrylic paints. And what with the use of satin ribbons, which I also have. In General, such a primitive drawing can be used for decorating your home, if you have such a piggy Bank. Well done and well done in the creative work!